Springtime is for Starting Fresh

So, since my last update, a lot has happened. I’m happy to say that I’ve officially lost ALL the winter/holiday weight I had gained, and am right back to where I was before all my bad decision-making occurred. Now, comes the hard part. I’m gonna tell you all how much I weigh. As of today, I weigh 190 lbs. For some people, that might seem like a lot of weight for a 5’5 frame, but when compared to my highest weight to date, a little over 230 lbs, I feel accomplished to be where I am now. I’ve kept up a fairly regular exercise regimen for almost two years, I’ve lost more than 40 lbs, and I’ve lost weight without focusing on crazy fad diets or completely starving myself. I’ve slowly taken steps toward improving my diet like drinking less soda and more water, adding new nutritious foods like spinach to my diet, limiting how often I eat out, and just paying more attention to what I’m consuming.

But now… I’ve reached a wall. This is the weight I plateau at; I can’t seem to get lower than 189 to save my life and I’d really love to get under 180 (or the the part of the BMI chart where I’m no longer considered obese) for the first time since high school. In order to re-energize my body’s weight loss I’m going low-carb. Now, I know there are naysayers to every diet trend, but this is something I do have a bit of experience with. I did a low-carb diet in high school (imagine that, a teenager with low self-esteem going on a diet!) and I was very vigilant for a few months in which I lost close to 20 lbs. I think at that point I was aiming to eat around 40 g of carbs a day, which to be honest, was devastatingly difficult. It was like dropping someone off at a candy store with a grocery list full of vegetables; pretty impossible.  What’s different now is that I’m not giving myself a set number of carbs every day. Instead I’m just going to focus on exactly how many carbs are going into my body and try to ensure that most of the carbs I’m eating are the good ones. I’m gonna load up on good carbs like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and limit bad carbs like white bread, chips, bread sticks, popcorn, candy, and french fries. Admittedly, these bad carbs are some of my favorite foods, but they don’t seem to like me back. And even though I don’t gorge on any of those things, a little bit here and a little bit there all start to add up pretty quickly. I said last week I was going to break up with bad carbs, but I think its more akin to putting them in “the friend zone.” They’re not going to be my one and only true love; they’re being put on the back burner and will be replaced by things that love me back.

So, in the spirit of my new quest for “low carb” meal options, I thought I’d share a few recipes I’ve tried lately.

First is a recipe I found when googling a new way to use my old bananas. Most of the time I just make banana bread when my bananas get brown, but a few weeks ago I found this fabulous flourless peanut butter banana muffin. My peanut butter-obsessed fiance thinks they’re great and they have less than half the carbs of your average muffin of a similar size–only about 14g of carbs per muffin. They also are packed with protein from the peanut butter to keep you fuller longer. Heck yes to that! One caviat: because they’re so egg-heavy you should probably store them in the fridge.


my cupcake liners are totally better than yours

Flourless Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

I used about 1/8 cup of Domino Light sugar mix (which is blend of sugar and stevia) because I was out of honey, and slightly less salt (the first batch I made was a tad saltier than I like) but aside from that followed the directions exactly. I was skeptical of making muffins without flour, but they have a surprisingly good texture despite that. I’ve tried them with chocolate chips, and without, and they’re delicious both ways! They run about 175 calories per muffin, but they’re hearty and delicious.

On to recipe number two!

please note: I did not take this picture. I borrowed it from the recipe page linked below.

please note: I did not take this picture. I borrowed it from the recipe page linked below.

Black Bean Tuna Salad

A few years ago I saw a friend of mine eating something close to this recipe and was terrified by the combination of tuna and black beans, but I gathered my courage and tried this delicious Black Bean Tuna Salad recipe. It was actually pretty phenomenal, and my Fiance agreed on this one, too! I used one fresh chile instead of canned chiles for this recipe (be careful of burning fingers chopping fresh chiles like I did, yikes!) and added a little bit of salsa for some more flavor; I also used the Mayo with Olive Oil because it has half the fat and calories of regular mayo. It turned out delicious. You can eat if plain, try it on a few crackers, or (my preference) wrap it up in a low-carb tortilla.

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy these recipes as much as I have. I’ll keep you posted on how well this whole low-carb thing works out.

Also, Here’s an update on my goal to reach 1000 miles by the end of the year:

Actual Distance Miles: 371

Total Miles: 448 (this includes weight lifting and other aerobics not measured by mileage)





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