Bring on the turkey and taters

It’s here! It’s finally (almost) here! Every fat kids favorite holiday is about to arrive.  Some people have already had early celebrations with family or a “Friendsgiving” over the past weekend, but most people are less than 48 hours away from piles of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I love Thanksgiving and the idea of being thankful, and I LOVE all the delicious foods, but I’m a little bit terrified about what the next few days hold. I have not one, not two, but FOUR dinners to attend for the impending celebration. Dinner Wednesday, two places for lunch Thursday, and finally dinner and a plethora of pies on Friday at my parent’s house.

I’m fairly certain there is no way I can survive these few days without gaining about 5 lbs. I’m just being honest with myself. Mashed potatoes were basically my boyfriend growing up, and I still  can’t let them go. However, in an attempt to limit my weight gain, I am trying to put a few simple rules in place so that I survive the next week without having a panic attack when I return to the scale.

delicious pumpkin cookies are for your friends, not for you


1.Those pumpkin cookies you baked aren’t for you; save them for the people who will compliment you on your baking prowess.

2. Only one plate per meal, per house. No seconds! NONE.

3. Only eat when others are sitting down at the table with you (no late night refrigerator reconnaissance missions)

4. Set aside to-go containers of your favorite dishes right after dinner so you don’t feel rushed to eat everything before it’s gone!

5. Dessert is a vile temptress of doom, so try to at least limit yourself to two kinds of pie.

6. Don’t shove, savor.

7. If there’s no more room in your belly, call it quits.

8. No matter what happens, don’t sweat it too much; you are amazing!

So that’s that. Safe travels and happy eating!


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