Getting tight to wear the white

So….. in case you haven’t heard it, I’M ENGAGED! Holy crap, right?

my fancy schmancy ring 😀

I’m hoping this news will give me the nudge I need to get me past my current plateau and keep moving toward my goal of losing more weight. I mean, we haven’t set a date yet, but the goal is to be the hottest I’ve ever been. That would be the best wedding present ever to me and my husband-to-be. I’ve been doing really well keeping up with my running, but my healthy eating is still not where it should be. I had completely stopped drinking soda, but I’ve backslid and I’ve started sneaking diet cokes from McDonald’s. But hey, at least that’s the ONLY thing I’ve been getting at McDonald’s! It’s a vast improvement upon my former life as queen of the drive-thru. One season I was so obsessed with getting those pretty-colored Coca-Cola glasses that I ate large chicken McNugget value meals several times a week so I could get all the colors. I’m kind of disgusted with myself when I think back on it. I guess that’s a good sign that I’m moving in the right direction. Now if I can just kick my baking addiction I might get somewhere…

Also, in order to keep track of how much I’m running and when I need to think about replacing my current kicks, I’m going to start posting a list of all my runs here on my blog. I’m hoping this will also help keep me accountable and keep me running even when I don’t want to.

So, the tally since last week when I took my first trip in my new shoes looks like this:

  • 9/24: 3 miles
  • 9/26: 3 miles
  • 9/27: 4 miles (this is a rough estimate as it was overcast and my GPS wouldn’t work!)
  • 10/1: 3 miles
  • Current running tally on this pair of shoes: 13 miles

Due to being in Ohio riding roller coasters until my eyes bled, and then driving basically all day on Sunday, there wasn’t time for running over the weekend, so I’m playing catch up this week. I’m hoping that the weather improves this week so I can get outside. Most of my runs in the last week have been at the gym, which is dreary and boring and just not as pleasant a running spot as the trails I run. The forecast looks like more rain until Thursday, when I hope I can get in a good trail run before resting up on Friday for my big 5-miler on Saturday! The weather on Saturday might be a tad on the cold side, but at least there’s no rain in the forecast!

I’m about to hit the hay for now, but I will update again soon, because I have some interesting health/fitness related reading I wanted to discuss. Cheerio!


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