It’s official…

It’s officially official: I’ve signed up for my next race, and I’m stepping things up. This race combines my new-found friendship with running and my long-time relationship with wine. It’s called Wine at the Line, and it’s a five miler that wraps around the grounds of the Mallow Run Winery in Bargersville, Indiana (just south of Indianapolis).  I’m insanely excited to be challenging myself with a longer distance race because at this point, running a 5k is old news for me. I run that distance several times a week, so I wanted to aim higher.

However, it took me a few weeks to decide for sure that I wanted to run this race. I was paranoid because there is a minimum pace time of 12 minutes a mile. I have been running 4 miles pretty regularly with about a 10-minute (or under)mile pace, but for some reason, I was petrified that I would somehow not be able to meet this basic guideline. What if I had a rough day and I couldn’t muster my way through that last mile? I didn’t want to be the last random fat-girl running past the finish line, sweaty and panting and LATE.

So, I made a deal with myself. I would do a 5 mile practice run, and if I could finish the route under 56 minutes than I would do the race. I figured that even at 56 minutes, I would have a 4 minute lee-way in case I had an “off” day. So, Thursday was my practice run, and I ran along the rail to trail route in Zionsville. I started out a little slow, and then the trees and bushes all started to look the same, and it felt like I was running for years, but I finished five miles. And, it was in in 51 minutes, far surpassing my goal. So I cemented myself a spot in the race (at least in my mind), and I’m ready to go! Who doesn’t want to run a race that ends with WINE?

And….. I bought NEW RUNNING SHOES!!

my new shoes 😀

I’m obviously excited about it.

In the past, I had just gone to any old store and found an athletic shoe that was moderately priced, perhaps one that mention running on the side of the box, but since I’m now devoted to my running, I though I would invest in a trip to an actual running shop. I went to a place called the Athletic Annex, which is about 10 minutes from my house. I tend to hate going into stores and having sales people ask me if I need help; I generally browse on my own, and only resort to asking for help when I’m desperate to find something and can’t. But, in this situation, I was glad when I was greeted when I walked in the door, and was grateful for all the help. The staff watched me walk and recommended some shoes with stability as I tend to pronate with one foot. They watched me run in the shoes I was trying on to make sure there weren’t any obvious issues about fit or posture in each pair. It was nice to have someone confirm my thoughts on my feet (I’ve been thinking I have issues), and be able to recommend ways to work around my weaknesses.  I spent a little more than I normally do on shoes, but I really think the comfort and stability with this shoe is worth the price. Anyway, I’m really psyched to break in my new shoes as soon as possible. Happy trails… or something like it.

P.S. I made snickerdoodles tonight… good thing I run A LOT!


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