Yums for your tum tums

So, this past weekend I backslid into home base with lots of delicious “no-no’s” like ice cream and cheese fries, so I am trying to get back on track this week. My plan is to run to the store tomorrow and get more ingredients for one of my favorite treats: a green smoothie. I’ll admit that I was terrified the day I made my first green monster smoothie. The girl who posted the recipe claimed that it tasted “rich and creamy” like a milk shake, but I didn’t believe her until the first few uncertain gulps reached by tongue. But the green smoothie has grown to be one of my favorite things. I make them for breakfast about 3 or 4 days a week (this is based solely on whether I can pull myself out to bed with enough time to make said smoothie). I’ve seen hundreds of variations of the green smoothie, and I’ve experimented a bit, but I like to stick to the basics, and the first one I tried I really loved. Unfortunately, I can’t find the initial recipe that I found for a green smoothie, but it was similar to the one posted here. If you want a fruitier version you could try this. Anyway, below is a fairly basic recipe of the green smoothie I like to make (keep in my mind, all measurements are estimates and you can put more or less as you want.)


not pictured: milk



-One frozen sliced banana (I like to slice it and throw ziplock bags in the freezer)

-About 2 cups of spinach leaves (I prefer baby spinach, but regular spinach works just as well)

-1 tablespoon of peanut butter

-between 1/3 and 1/2 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt (or you can use plain and add some honey to sweeten)

-half cup of skim milk (or soy or almond milk)

All you do is dump everything in the blender and pulse until it gets smooth and creamy. The peanut butter is really the star of this smoothie, and you don’t need that much to make it rich and flavorful. Feel free to variate from the amounts I posted; you can add more or less yogurt and milk depending on how thick you like your smoothie. You can also try a mixture of milk and green tea if you want an extra energy boost.


Viola! Delicious 😀

I’ve also experimented with a couple other smoothies this week. I tried a carrot cake smoothie (which includes carrots, banana, and rolled oats) and a green mint-chocolate one as well, both listed on the fabulous blog http://rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth.com/  I also tried the Breakfast Coffee Protein Shake shown here.

The carrot cake smoothie was good, but I used vanilla yogurt instead of pineapple yogurt because I didn’t want to have to go to the store. I also didn’t use the chia seeds because I couldn’t find them at the store. I think it would have been better with the pineapple yogurt and a hair less spices than she recommended though.


carroty and spicy

The green mint-chocolate smoothie was also good. I varied the recipe a bit based on what I had at home. I used a banana in mine and I forgot to add oats. I also didn’t have any chocolate chips so I added a bit of chocolate syrup (I know, not as healthy) just to boost the chocolatey flavor a bit. My boyfriend liked this one a lot 😀


And finally, the coffee protein shake was also fairly good. It’s no Frappucino, but it did pack a protein punch while still giving me some of my much-needed daily caffeine fix. I think I used a bit more coffee than the recipe called for. I brewed the coffee and then let it sit in the freezer for about 45 minutes so it was nice and cold. You could always brew it the night before and put it in the fridge as well.

While I did enjoy trying all these new smoothie recipes, I have to say I am still very loyal to my original green smoothie. It really is DELICIOUS, and it’s fun to gross out my friends with how weird it looks 😀

But don’t take my word for it, TRY IT! You will not be disappointed (unless you have a peanut allergy).




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