Sweat tastes sweet

So, I just hopped out of the shower after a quick jog with my dog (he is much lazier than me, so I can’t go too far with him). Damn, was I sweaty. This heat is killing me. I’m getting bored with always going to the gym, but it’s not smart to go running on a 100-degree-plus day. I think it got up to about 104 today, which is way hotter than necessary in my book. So, here I am, just finishing up a short jog outside in near 90-degree heat (still, at 10:30 p.m.). But there is something inherently awesome there in that sentence. First of all, I ran. Second of all, I convinced myself to run in sickeningly hot weather. And lastly, I ran even after I spent close to two hours shaking my ass in my living room playing Just Dance 3. Yeah, I’m that cool; thank God the blinds were closed.

I was sitting there checking out Pinterest earlier and I saw a pin that said “Me Against Myself” and it really struck me tonight, and the next thing I knew I had my running shoes on and was out the door. I run nearly every day now, but sometimes I’m still awestruck by the fact that I found this hidden strength inside me to finally persevere at something I knew was going to be incredibly hard. I guess I have quite a few thoughts brewing about this, but I’ll update the blog again soon, with something a little bit more in-depth.

In the mean time, I’ve got that one phrase hopping through my brain. “Me Against Myself.”



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