One small step for fat kids

Two years ago I tiptoed a little close to my demise. In an event that I have yet to remember, my car swerved off the interstate, across the median, and into ongoing traffic on the other side. I have the unique achievement of stopping traffic on BOTH sides of an interstate. Yeah, I know, pretty hardcore; I should probably get a medal.

I didn’t have a near-death experience where I saw God or anything dramatic like that, but this brush with death did make me think about the way I was living. I wasn’t treating my body like the temple it should be (mild sarcasm), and I needed to make changes. I was handed a second chance at my life, and THIS time, I wanted to do things right, no excuses. Fortunately, I had lots of time to think about all this. I ended up leaving the hospital after my accident with a broken wrist, and a broken pelvis. They can’t really put a cast on a pelvis like they did my wrist, so in order for it to heal, I wasn’t allowed to walk for about 3 months. So, during the time I was stuck in the seventh layer of hell commonly known as my parent’s living room, waiting for my broken pelvis to heal, I vowed that when I was able to finally walk again, I would never take my body and the innate ability to MOVE for granted ever again. I decided I would run.

Me at a wedding, a few weeks after my car accident. I totally worked it on the dance floor in my wheelchair.

For some people deciding to run doesn’t seem like a huge epiphany, but for me, a chronically overweight, slightly asthmatic twenty-something who had never run more than the obligatory 1.5 miles of huffing and puffing in my high school gym class, this was a big freakin’ deal! Aside from a few nearly fatal attempts to join a track team before I hit puberty, I had never attempted to excel at running. I was already good at so many other, non-athletic things, and my big bones, stout stature, and large appetite didn’t exactly make me the best candidate for the track team. I also developed asthma as a kid, usually triggered by strenuous exercise, so that slowly became an excuse not to do anything that would make my pits stink.

After all those years of making every excuse in the world as to why I could not or should not run, I made the decision to screw it all and go for the long shot. I decided to defy the odds and attempt to do what had always seemed impossible: to run.
Although I didn’t become a runner overnight, making this decision was the first of many in my journey to live a more healthful life. Today I am better, stronger, faster, but still nowhere near perfect. And although I would never want to re-live that accident two years ago, I’m grateful that what could have been a tragedy has led me to this place.

This blog is about health. This blog is about running. This blog is about changing your life for the better.
This is a blog about a girl trying to beat the odds and become more than she had ever expected.

I hope you enjoy my blabber about delicious foods, weight loss goals, and always striving to be better.


One response to “One small step for fat kids

  1. If I didn’t already know and love you, this blog would have caused me to develop a girl crush on you. 🙂 You are fabulous and I couldn’t be prouder of you!!!

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